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Tik Capital Bot

Tik Capital Bot

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Tik Capital Bot is an Expert Advisor (EA) for MetaTrader4 & MetaTrader5. The EA trades on MetaTrader 100% fully automated with any broker. The EA is 98% Accurate & it has news filter built-in functions, it opens Buy & Sell trades automatically and places stop loss (SL), take profits (TP), trailing stop loss (TSL). The system also has features that enable you to select the number if multiple positions to trade while maximizing profits.



Grab the bull by the horns, the ultimate tool for bull markets and Stay on top of bear markets with awesome intuitive tools

 Trailing Stop Loss

Climb the upward trend with the Trailing stop loss features

 Technical Analysis

Automatic technical analysis with up to 120 seconds intervals


Respond to the rise and fall of all Financial Markets and make sure you respond to early signs of bullish & bearish Markets

 Short selling

Enjoy short selling your declining Markets and buying them back at their price floor at the end of the bear market.

 Money cost averaging

Reduce your heaviest bags with DCAing when they hit their price floor.



1️⃣ Forex Currencies.

such as;

✔Major currencies (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, etc…)

✔Minor Currencies (EURGBP, AUDCAD, GBPJPY, etc…)

✔Exotic Currencies (USDZAR, USDTRY, USDSGD, etc…)

2️⃣ Cryptocurrency

such as;

✔ Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

✔ Ethereum (ETHUSD)

3️⃣ Commodities

such as;

✔ Gold (XAUUSD)

✔ Silver (XAGUSD)

4️⃣ Indices

such as;

✔ Nasdaq (USTECH, Nas100, etc…)

✔ Us30 (dow Jones

✔ Uk30

✔ SXP500

5️⃣ Synthetics Markets (Binary Options on deriv)

such as;

✔ Volatility 100, 75, 50, 25 & 10 Index

✔ Boom 1000 & 500 index

✔ Crush 1000 & 500 index

✔ Step Index

✔ Jump Index



We do not have a specific amount or minimum to start trading while using the robot. The system can grow small accounts from as little as 10USD, however, we recommend you start with $50 to $100USD for beginners.

Here’s what you need to start trading

1️⃣ Laptop or Mobile phone.

2️⃣ Internet Connections.

3️⃣ Any regulated broker to trade Financial Markets.

The system is 30% to Over 90% profitable, it can double your account within 24 hours on a minimum account of $70USD (R1000ZAR)



 Cutting edge Automatic Trading

The latest and greatest innovation in E-trading. It allows traders to apply their personal trading strategies but have a Bot implement it.

 24/7 Trading

Automated trading allows you to trade 24/7 days, 365 days a year. Humans just can’t trade this much.

 System Power

Harness the power of your Tik Capital Bot with smart risk management tools.

 Easy Operations

Traders can easily buy & plug the system without complicated manual setup or stressful videos.



The system features below are easily customizable to suit the financial market instrument points count. A user still ahead the right to select the market they want to trade, for example on EURUSD input settings can easily be adjusted to suit EURUSD by the user.

 Live Trading: on/off

✔ Trail points: 10 points

✔ Trail Step: 5 points

✔ Trail Step: 5 points

✔ Break Even: 15 points

✔ SL points: 30 points

✔ TP points: 60 points

✔ Trade size: 0.01 lot

✔ Max Open Trades: 6

✔ Max Long Trades: 3

✔ Max Short Trades: 3

✔ Hedging: true/false

✔ Magic Number:

All the input settings for all Financial Markets are already predefined on the user guide that comes with the package after purchase.

User Manual Settings: Click Here


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